Busan City Hall

City Government



  • Location: North Central Mongolia
    • 47°55′13″N: Same latitude with Paris, Munich, Seattle, etc.
    • 106°55′02″E: Same longitude with Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, etc.
  • Population: Around 1.4 million (Mongolia 3.06 million)
  • Area: 4,704.4㎢ (6.14 folds bigger than Busan (765.94㎢))
  • Climate: Cold semi-arid and micro-thermal climate with four distinctive seasons (Average temperature: 0.1℃)
  • Administration : 9 districts
    • Chingeltei, Sukhbaatar, Bayanzurkh, Bayangol, Khan-Uul, Songinkhairkhan, Nalaikh, Baganuur, Bagakhangai
  • Contact Information
    • Address: Great Chinggis Khann’s Square11 Ulaanbaatar-46, Mongolia
    • In Charge: Foreign Relations Department of the Capital Governor
    • Phone : +976-9999-5547
    • Website: http://www.ulaanbaatar.mn/

At a Glance

Ulannbaatar, “Red Hero”, is the capital of Mongolia and one of the 10 most resource-rich countries in the world. The city was established in 1639 and is located at an elevation of about 1,300 metres in a grassy valley. The temperature varies from 27℃ in the summer and –46℃ in the winter. The city is connected by rail to Jining, China and Ulan-Ude, Russia.

Over half the Mongolian population lives in Ulaanbaatar. The city is the heart of politics, economy and industry in the country and connects to the Eurasian continent. Its mainstay products are leather, cashmere and fur. Direct flights (2/W) have been established between Busan and Mongolia and various cooperative projects regarding the environment, economy, culture and medical sectors have been carried out since the establishment of friendship city relations on the 3rd August, 2016.