Busan City Hall

City Government

Vladivostok : East coast region, Russian Federation


  • The Mayor: Oleg V. Gumenyuk
  • Location: East coast region, Russian Federation
  • Population: 620,000
  • Area: 331km²
  • Climate: Monsoon climate(The yearly temperature 4°C, January : - 14.4°C, July : 17.5°C)
  • Department: International Relations Committee
    • Address: 20, Okeanskiy prospect, Vladivostok,690010, Russian Federation
    • Phone: 7-4232-614-217 / Fax: 7-4232-614-133
    • Website: http://www.vlc.ru/

At a Glance

Vladivostok located on the beautiful coast around the southern part of the Muravyop-amurski peninsula is a capital of maritime activities and the largest port in Russia, as well as the center of economy in the Far East Region. The current system of the city was established on July 2,1860. It is the base of food production ad also functions as a great resort.

Vladivostok as a center of science in Far East area has 15 Institutes and the Far East science academy sub division. A new consulate was constructed after the establishment of our sisterhood relationship and the freight and passenger airway connections were opened in 1995 following the opening of direct air routes between Busan and Vladivostok in 1994.

Mr. Kim Young-hwan, Mayor of Busan, and Mr. Evgeny Blinov, Mayor of Vladivostok signed the establishment of sisterhood relationship agreement in Vladivostok on June 30, 1992.