Busan City Hall

City Government

Shimonoseki : Southwest port city, Japan


  • The Mayor: Maeda Shintaro(前田 晋太郎)
  • Location: Southwest port city, Japan
  • Population: 280,000
  • Area: 716km²
  • Climate: Mild climate
  • Department: Department of Policy Planning and Coordination

At a Glance

Shimonoseki City is located in the west region of Japan, which has many mountains and hills. The weather is mild and the frequency of earthquakes is low. It plays a role as a gateway to the continent and is the center of passenger and freight traffic in and out of Japan for domestic and international carriers. Ferries have run between the two cities since 1970 and container ships have run since 1992.

A Sisterhood relationship was established on October 11, 1976. Busan has sent a representative public official to Shimonoseki City every year and Shimonoseki also has sent one every two years in accordance with an Agreement of Public Official Exchange Program made on April 28, 1992. Activities such as tourism exhibition, joint participation to the international conference and visiting employees training groups are made every year. The 30th anniversary event, commemorating the establishment of our sisterhood relationship was held in Shimonoseki in August 2006.