Busan City Hall

City Government


Busan, Asia's No. 1 Maritime Cultural City,
teeming with an abundance of movies, festivals, and tourist destinations

Core quantitative goals
  • Local visitation rate of foreign tourists
  • Accommodation occupancy rate of foreign tourists
  • Expenditures per foreign tourist
  • Period of sojourn of foreign tourists
General performance goals
  • Number of visitors to ‘Visit Busan’
  • Free wireless internet service at designated tourist attractions
  • Number of city tour bus passengers
  • Number of products linked to the southeast region (Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam)
Core qualitative goals
  • Satisfaction of Korean and foreign tourists
  • Attractive global tourism destination

  • Tourism openness that attracts people from around the world

  • Tourism environment prioritizing hospitality

  • Tourism continuity prioritizing sustainability

Promotional Strategies and Tasks
Development of high value-added leisure tourism content that sets the region apart
  • Seven Bridges Landmark
  • Cinema Event City Project
  • Open Sea Project
Commercialization of Busan’s tourist attractions to position it as a marine city
  • Development of Busan’s cultural tourism content
  • (Strategy) Creating a cultural tourism ecosystem
  • Creating a new normal B-MICE environment
  • (Collaboration) Developing tourism products linked to the metropolitan area
Creating a tourism-friendly environment accessible to everyone
  • (Strategy) Building convenient tourist transportation systems
  • (Strategy) Creating a barrier-free tourist-friendly environment
  • (Collaboration) Establishing convenient transportation systems in the metropolitan area
  • (Strategy) Establishing global food/shopping tourism hubs
  • (Collaboration) Cooperation with other ministries and institutions
Sustainable tourism management for people, the environment and culture
  • Establishing tourism big data operating systems
  • (Strategy) Reinforcing global competitiveness of tourist information centers
  • Creating a smart tourism environment
  • (Strategy) Expanding Busan tourism safety and integrated support functions
  • (Collaboration) Building cooperative tourism systems
  • (Collaboration) Building an integrated tourism information system
Spreading global brand marketing to attract people from around the world
  • Promoting global tourism digital marketing
  • (Cooperation) Metropolitan area joint marketing campaign
  • Promoting global network linked events