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  • As home to the nation's leading port, Casablanca, a Spanish word meaning “white house”, is the largest city in Morocco and the 6th largest city on the African continent.
  • Even though Rabat is the political capital of Morocco, Casablanca is considered the country's economic and business center. With its rich history and unique traditions, Casablanca began to grow as a port in the 12th century. Destroyed by the Portuguese in 1468 and 1515, Casablanca was restored by King Abdullah in the 18th century. After French rule began in 1907, the number of foreign residents grew and Casablanca emerged as an African city with a decidedly European vibe.
  • With the establishment of consulates, banks, trading companies, factories, warehouses, movie theaters and sports clubs in the city, Casablanca rapidly became modernized. Ever since the famous classic American film "Casablanca", the city has been more famous than Morocco itself.
  • On April 26, 2011, Mayor Hur Nam-sik of Busan and Mayor Mohammed Sajid of Casablanca signed an agreement in the city of Casablanca to establish sister city relations.

At a Glance

  • Location: Northwest Africa (at a similar latitude to Korea)
  • Area: 324㎢
  • Population: 3,672,000 (2009)
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Major industry: Tourism, Industry (90% of the nation's output)
  • Contact
    • Address: Conseil de la Ville de Casablanca - Place Mohammed V
    • Department: International Relations Division
    • Telephone: +212-661-04-7117
    • FAX: +212-22-22-6114
    • Website: https://casablanca.ma/