Medical Care Assistance Program for Foreign Workers

Medical Care Assistance Program for Foreign Workers and the Underprivileged

The program aims to provide medical care service for foreign workers and the underprivileged who do not qualify for South Korean medical social security.


Foreign patients who don’t qualify for health insurance and have stayed longer than 90 days in South Korea must produce a certificate of diagnosis from a doctor which states that the disease occurred in South Korea and, in addition, satisfy one of the following conditions.

Qualification, Required Documents, Related Visa
Qualification Required Documents Related Visa
Foreign workers and their children Previously employed or currently employed in a South Korean based workplace More than one document required among them: passport, certificate of alien registration rental agreement written guarantee of the neighborhood D-3, D-4, E-6, E-9, E-10 B-1, B-2, C-2, C-3, H-2 (employment background check)
The above foreign workers' children under 18 year-old parent's written statement verifying family relationship
Female marriage immigrants to Korean who have not yet gained Korean citizenship and their children Fugitive or escape from home passport, certified copy of one's family register, written confirmation of runaway/escape
The above female's children under 18 years old parent's written statement verifying family relationship
Refugees and their children Refugees to applying to gain or applying for formal recognition and residence for humanitarian reasons certificate of alien registration F-2-2, F-2-4, G-1-6, G-1-5
The above refugees' children under 18 years old parent's written statement verifying family relationship


The medical expenses on the following cases will be covered up to the value of 5,000,000 won :

  • Medical Institution admission to discharge including surgical procedures
  • Medical check ups for pregnant women
  • An industrial accident which occurred in a small businesses
  • Outpatient care is only provided to children of foreign workers, female marriage immigrants who have not yet gained Korean citizenship and refugee status

How access the medical care assistance program

Visit the medical institutions implementing the program → enquire as to whether you qualify as a beneficiary of the program → have a medical consultation → receive the treatment

How will the medical expenses be paid?

Medical Institutions will confirm the entitlement of the beneficiary and provide the treatment → the medical institution requests medical expense assessment by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service → the medical institution will submit the result of the assessment and claim reimbursement of the medical expenses from Busan Metropolitan City
Busan Metropolitan City will review the submitted documents → pay the expenses owing to the medical institution.
For further information, please consult with Busan Metropolitan City’s Health and Sanitation Division, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea, Busan Medical Center, Good Samsun Hospital, or Pusan National University Hospital.

Medical Institutions implementing the program

  • ☎ 051-607-2058 (Busan Medical Center)
  • ☎ 051-240-7494 (Pusan National University Hospital)
  • ☎ 051-638-6913 (Busan Branch of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea)
  • ☎ 051-310-9207 (Good Samsun Hospital)
  • ☎ 051-550-9348 (Daedong Hospital)
  • ☎ 051-630-0472 (Ilsin Christian Hospital)
  • ☎ 051-888-3418 (Health and Sanitation Division, Busan Metropolitan City)

Free language translation service is provided upon request to the medical institution.
This project is supported by Ministry of Health and Welfare and Busan Metropolitan City.