Busan City Hall

City Government

Development of high value-added leisure tourism content that sets the region apart

  • Aim to build an independent brand identity by utilizing tourism resources (coastal bridges, ocean, festivals, movies, historical culture, spatial resources) with charm and symbolism as the core content of the city of Busan that sets it apart from other major competitor cities.
  • In particular, the project is to intensively promote large events representing the city of Busan to secure international recognition through advertising to foreign tourists.

Commercialization of Busan’s tourist attractions to position it as a marine city

  • Commercialize Busan's historical and cultural marine tourism resources on their international appeal, and lay the foundations for the growth of tourism companies to attract foreign tourists
  • Expanding supply-value-chains to circulate tourism products related to Busan International Tourism City, and provide support to establish a Busan tourism industry ecosystem.

‘Creating a tourism-friendly environment’ accessible to everyone

  • The city of Busan is committed to creating a universal tourism city for all travelers in the world to enjoy tourism freely in spite of social and physical travel obstacles

‘Sustainable tourism management’ for people, the environment and culture

  • Establishing a promotional strategy to reinforce the competitiveness of Busan’s tourist destinations by increasing the number of individual tourists visiting Busan and diversifying tourism assets
  • Establishing a sustainable tourism management system through a data-based smart tourism environment, integrated support, and tourism cooperation

‘Spreading global brand marketing’ to attract people from around the world

  • Promoting a globally-recognized tourism city brand by enhancing the convenience of foreign tourists and strengthening publicity and marketing
  • Promoting step-by-step and continuous events and promotions from a mid-term perspective with a roadmap for creating specific results, instead of individual or short-lived events