Busan City Hall

City Government

Surabaya : Mid-north coast city in east Java,Indonesia


  • Location: Mid-north coast city in east Java,Indonesia
  • Population: 2,850,000
  • Climate: Subtropical climate (The yearly temperature 27.6°C)
  • Department: Research Development Dept., Development Planning Board

At a Glance

Surabaya, as one of the most important port cities in Asia, is the capital of East Java and is the center of industry on the northeast coast. It is also the center of manufacturing, agriculture and trade, with iron and steel, sugar, and cement factories located in the suburban area of the city. As an important base in Indonesia and the second largest city next to Jakarta, Surabaya is also a major transit center used by ships and planes.

The high school and univsersity exchanges between two cities have been very active since the establishment of sisterhood relationship.

Mr. Jung Moon-hwa, Mayor of Busan and Mr. Sunarto Sumoprawiro, Mayor of Surayaba signed an agreement to establish sister city relations on August 24 1994