Busan City Hall

City Government

Montreal : South of Quebec province, Canada


  • Location: South Quebec, Canada
  • Population: 3,127,000 pers.
  • Climate: Temperate climate with long winters and heavy snow
  • Area: 3,509km²
  • International Affairs Advisor: Mr. Guy Nolin
    • Address: 275 rue Notre-Dame Est, 4 etage montreal(Quebec) h4Y 1C6
    • Phone: 1-514-872-4237 / Fax : 1-514-872-6067
    • Website: https://montreal.ca/

At a Glance

Montreal is the second largest trade city in Canada and also the second largest French speaking city after Paris. About 60% of the population speak both English and French.

Montreal is a powerhouse for the aerospace, IT, computer, film software, and biotechnology industries. The Montreal World Film Festival is one of three major international film festivals. As well, the City of Montreal serves as the Vice-Chair city to Metopolis, a global network of major cities and metropolitan areas.

Mr. Ahn Sang-young, the former Mayor of Busan and Mr. Pierre Bourque, the former Mayor of Montreal signed a joint agreement on a sister city relationship in Montreal, on September 19, 2000.