Driving License

Vehicles use the right side of the road in Korea. Owners of a vehicle must have their cars checked every two years.
Among several regulations about driving, drunk driving is given an especially heavy penalty.

Car Insurance

There are two kinds of car insurance : One is responsibility insurance' which is required to be purchased at the time a car is purchased.
The other is ' General insurance' which is purchased according to needs. While responsibility insurance needs to be purchased every year, general insurance needs to be purchased every six to twelve months. General insurance is divided into four kinds: personal injury, general, physical damage, and liability, which compensates for one's own losses and the other party's personal losses.

International Driver's license

In the past if you already had a Domestic Driver's License, you only needed a physical examination to acquire the International Drivers License.
Currently, under the provision of mutual agreements with other countries, the Republic of Korea we will exempt the driver's test if his/her country recognizes the Korean Driver's License. If their country doesn't acknowledge the Korean Driver's License, people coming from those countries can acquire the Korean Driver License after undergoing a quality test.
A Foreign Driver's License is issued the day after you have stayed in Korea for more than 90 days.

Phone Numbers of Driver's License Testing centers
  • Nambu(Southern Center) : 16, Yongho-ro, Nam-gu, Busan Tel. 051)610-8002, 8004
  • Bukbu(Northern Center) : 35, Sasang-ro, 367beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan Tel. 051)310-7631,7641
Driver's License Examination Office