Busan Port


Workcation City

"Workcation City" embracing the sea

Busan will develop into a hub for global corporate activities by creating an internationalized business environment and an excellent residential environment where foreigners want to invest in and live.

“Workation” is a compound word of “work” and “vacation,” meaning work and rest at the same time. As such, it is a new way of working that allows work and vacation to coincide. Busan, a workation city where work, life, and play coexist in everyday life, supports domestic and foreign companies for their systematic business activities, such as investment and attraction of business, through remote work experiences in various fields like ICT, finance, culture, and gaming.

  • Accommodation Support

    Hotels, resorts and business hotels, etc.

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  • Use of Workspace

    Hub center, satellite center, co-working space (seminar hall, conference room), book cafe, study cafe, etc.

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  • Tourism Links

    Tourism programs for interested companies, joint support and event management, cultural facilities (art galleries, museums, etc.), activities(surfing, etc.)

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