Busan City Hall

Sister Cities(26 from 23 countries)

(As of January 2022)

List of Sister Cities : City, Country, Date, Size(㎢), Population(1,000), Period(years), Character
City Country Date Size(㎢) Population(1,000) Period
Kaoshiung Taiwan Jun.30.1966 2,946 2,770 55 The largest port city in Taiwan
Los Angeles US Dec.18.1967 1,300 3,910 54 The largest port city in the Pacific region, aerospace hub
Shimonoseki Japan Oct.11.1976 716 300 45 Fisheries, transportation hub in Western Japan
Barcelona Spain Oct.25.1983 101 1,605 38 Culture, art, commerce, manufacturing hub
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Sep.23.1985 1,356 6,000 36 Top 3 most beautiful port in the world, the 2nd trade port city in Brazil
Vladivostok Russia Jun.30.1992 331 606 29 The largest port city in the Russia Federation & Far Eastern region
Shanghai China Aug.24.1993 6,340 22,208 28 The No.1 port city in China, commerce, finance, trade hub
Surabaya Indonesia Aug.29.1994 326 2,857 27 Capital of East Java
Victoria Austrailia Oct.17.1994 237,659 6,358 27 Energy sector focused, transportation & port hub (State capital: Melbourne)
Tijuana Mexico Jan.17.1995 1,564 1,200 26 Manufacturing & trade hub city within NAFTA
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Nov.03.1995 2,099 8,224 26 One of the top three metropolitan cities in Vietnam, the largest port city
Auckland New Zealand Apr.22.1996 4,894 1,470 25 The largest city in New Zealand, social, economic, cultural hub
Valparaiso Chile Jan.27.1999 326 277 22 The largest port city in Chile, legislative capital
Western Cape Government Republic of South Africa Jun.05.2000 129,370 4,110 21 The 2nd largest state with a port city, Capetown in South Africa
Montreal Canada Sep.19.2000 365 3,824 21 The 2nd biggest trade hub in Canada, the 2nd largest French-speaking city in the world
Istanbul Turkey Jun.04.2002 1,003 14,800 19 The 1st economic-centered city in Turkey, frontier city for exports to EU, Eastern Europe
Dubai U.A.E Nov.13.2006 4,114 2,260 15 Port, logistics, tourism hub city in the Middle East
Fukuoka Japan Feb.02.2007 342 1,520 14 Gateway city in Western Japan located in northeastern Kyshu
Chicago US Jul.5.2007 606 2,800 14 Exhibitions, conventions, world futures hub
St. Petersburg Russia Jun.11.2008 1,439 5,323 13 The 2nd largest and the top port city in Russia. Tourism, culture, public affairs, industry, manufacturing hub
Phnom Penh Cambodia Jun.11.2009 678 2,078 12 Capital of Cambodia, inland port along the Mekong river
Mumbai India Nov.19.2009 438 18,000 12 Economic capital of India
Thessaloniki Greece Mar.08.2010 19 325 11 The 2nd largest city in Greece & cultural capital
Casablanca Morocco Apr.26.2011 324 3,672 10 The 2nd largest city in Morocco, port and tourism-centered city
Cebu Philippines Dec.16.2011 4,933 2,938 10 The largest tourism and resort city in Southeast Asia
Yangon Myanmar Jan.14.2013 599 7,360 8 The largest port city dealing with 80% of overseas trade. economy and commerce hub of Myanmar