Busan City Hall

City Government

Status of the airport

24-hour operational + southern region gateway airport focused on a 3,500m runway, passengers and logistics

24-hour Operations
  • (Offshore airport) 24-hour operations without the noise pollution issue of Incheon Airport
  • (Role as international aviation network) Airline demand expected with flight service tailored to optimum time of destinations as international airline hub. Logistics efficiency expected due to increased cargo plane traffic requiring night transportation
3,500m runway length secured
  • (Long distance flight service) As runway length determines the size and function of an airport, facility size without restriction on American and European route services and cargo transport of large airliners and cargo planes has been secured.
Multi-gateway airport system established
  • (Multi-gateway airport) Serve as an alternative to Incheon Airport in case of emergency, as a multi-functional passenger and logistics-focused southern region gateway airport, and deal with future airline demand as the world’s tenth strongest economic power

    Significant reduction in cost for residents in the Yeongnam Region using Incheon Airport (annually 718.3 billion KRW) and logistics cost (annually 44.9 billion KRW) for cargo from BU-UL-GYEONG areas.

Expected Effects

A bridgehead for balanced national development for the revitalization of the local economy + southern region win-win development

Airport construction effects
  • (Busan’s largest ever project) 13.8 trillion KRW, double the size of the North Port Redevelopment project (phase 1.2, a total of 6.8 trillion KRW)
  • (Largest airport development project since Incheon Airport) Key infrastructure to realize balanced national development
  • (Preference given to local companies) Related industries and companies grow together through participation in construction of the airport • airport city• traffic networks
Airport operational effects
  • (Logistics aspect) Foundation prepared for a global complex logistics hub by establishing a combined transportation system whereby Korea’s first world-class port (Busan New Port, 2ndin transshipment, 6th by cargo volume) and a gateway airport are connected
  • (New growth industry aspect) Foundation created to foster new growth industries in the hinterland including bio, semiconductors, high value-added parts and aviation-related industries, and attract companies by utilizing air logistics infrastructure
  • (Business aspect) Investment attraction revitalized for domestic and foreign corporate headquarters and local headquarters of global corporations, and tourism • exhibitions • medicine • finance • R&D, based on flight accessibility
Development of surrounding areas and southern region win-win development
  • (Construction of Airport Multi-functional City) Constructed as a foothold for new growth of local economy focused on business, tourism, conventions, commerce and logistics through development organically connected between the airport and surrounding areas
  • (Southern region’s win-win development) Strengthen competitiveness of southern region’s industrial belt through improved global accessibility