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Completion of Global Logistics Hub (Tri-port)

  • Creation of a tri-port (port, airport, railroad) and open international logistics city with access to the hinterland
    • Enhancement of global competitiveness of businesses in connection with the tri-port and logistics· industrial complexes and support service.
Tri-Port(airport, port, railroad) + Free International and Logistics City = Northeast Asian Logistics Platform

Logistics Platform connecting the Pacific Rim and Eurasia

Source: EURASIA CITY FORUM 2018, 2018

Gadeokdo New Airport and Development of West Busan
Balanced national development kicks into high gear
Completion of Southeast Region Megacity based on construction of Gadeokdo New Airport Construction of Tri-port
World’s second largest logistics platform (following Dubai)
Attracting global companies and creating high quality jobs through the construction of a logistics platform
Successful hosting of World Expo 2030, etc.
5,050 people are expected to participate from 200 countries around the world Revitalization of tourism industry and strengthening of the city’s brand as an international tourist city

KRW 88 trillion worth of production and KRW 37 trillion worth of added value to be generated along with the creation of 530,000 new jobs

Gadeokdo New Airport and Free International and Logistics City
Northeast Asian Logistics Platform : Free International and Logistics City, Southeast Region Gateway Airport, Port, Railroad, Airport, Gimhae Industrial Complex, West Gimhae Industrial Complex, R&D Special Zone, Busan Local Science Industrial Complex, International Industrial Logistics City Step 1, Eco Delta City, Mieum Industrial Complex, Dudong Free Economic Zone, Jukgok Industrial Complex, Jinhae National Industrial Complex, Ungdong Free Economic Zone, Sinho Industrial Complex, Myeongji International New City, Gadeokdo