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City Commitments on Fine Dust Reduction Measures

ico clean image01Reduce fine dust emissions by 30 percent
  • Designate and manage emission control areas (ECA) along the city’s coast
  • Convert fuel for yard tractors and government vessels from diesel to LNG by 2022
  • Expand the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles
  • Introduce remote sensing of motor vehicle exhaust emissions
  • Pilot project regarding the establishment of an air pollution prevention facility for 25 small businesses, and strengthen air pollution inspection of businesses
  • Strengthen management within construction sites
  • Operate pavement cleaning vehicles to reduce re-suspended road dust
  • Expand urban forests
ico clean image02 Make safe fine dust-free zones for children
  • Establish a standard-model for fine dust-free school zones through a pilot project in two locations
  • Install air cleaners in 1,897 daycare centers and 366 kindergartens in 2018
  • Install air cleaners in all 628 elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Create school forests in 30 locations by 2022
  • Eliminate street parking areas in school zones
ico clean image03Make underground shopping centers with cleaner air and more pleasant environments
  • Establish air quality measurements on a regular basis and alert systems at 6 underground areas by 2022
  • Purchase special cleaning equipment for public pedestrian paths
  • Create green resting places in 8 locations
ico clean image04Order emergency countermeasures when fine dust levels are high
  • When fine dust levels are expected to be high, enforce emergency dust reduction measures - driving restrictions, change in operation of hours at emission facilities and construction sites
  • When issuing a fine dust warning, reduce operation of half of government vehicles and enforce a mandatory ‘alternate no-driving day’ policy for all city workers
  • Emergency operation of road cleaning, water wagon de-dusting vehicle
  • Reduce incineration by 20 percent at large-scale incineration plants and cut fuel use at air pollution discharge facilities.
ico clean image05Increase public confidence through precise air quality management and promptly share situational information
  • Expand information display systems connecting one-click disaster propagation system and utilize them on about 450 metro platform displays
  • Add an additional 7 air pollution monitoring stations
  • Offer a high density fine dust alert system to 5,188 agencies, including daycare centers, schools and facilities for the elderly