Public Phone

Public Phone
Category Details
Coin Telephone For domestic call only
Local call, long-distance call, and cellular phone call services are available.
70 won per 30 seconds will be charged for local call.
Card Telephone Public phone card, credit card, and IC card may be used for payment.
Local call, long-distance call, cellular phone call, and international phone call services are available.
There are 2 thousand won, 3 thousand won, 5 thousand won, and 10 thousand won telephone cards. You may purchase telephone cards at newsstands or convenience stores.
Card/Coin Telephone If you wish to use international collect call, press the emergency button or 00799.
You may use credit card.

* When you make a long-distance call, insert coin or card, and area code, followed by personal number.

Major Area Codes
Major Area Codes
02 Seoul
032 Incheon
051 Busan
042 Daejeon
052 Ulsan
053 Daegu
062 Gwangju
031 Gyeonggi-do
033 Gangwon-do
043 Chuncheongbuk-do
041 Chungcheongnam-do
063 Jeollabuk-do
061 Jeollanam-do
054 Gyeongsangbuk-do
055 Gyeongsangnam-do
064 Jeju

International Call

International Call photo

Among the International Call Service Providers (Code) are KT (001), LG Dacom (002), Onse Telecom (00365), SK Telecom (00700). When you make an international call, press international automatic call identification number, country code, area code, and subscriber number in a consecutive order.
Ex. When you are making a call to the US from Korea (telephone number: 212-123-4567)
001 + 1 + 212 + 123-4567

international automatic call identification number + country code (US) + area code (New York) + subscriber number

Fixed-line Telephone

Fixed-line Telephone photo

When you need to install a fixed-line telephone at home or office, call KT Call Center at 100 without pressing area code (only Korean language service is provided), or you may visit the nearest KT Telephone Office and request subscription. Foreigners are asked to bring their passports and a copy of the foreigner registration card. Basic charge is 5,200 won on a monthly basis and New Subscription Charge of 60,000 won (including VAT) will be billed.

Cellular Phone

Cellular Phone photo

In Korea 3 companies-SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+ -provide mobile communication services. Mobile communication terminal (cellular phone) is often called “hand phone,” and a number of cellular phones have recently begun to provide a variety of services, such as Video, Short Message Service (SMS), Internet Access, Broadcasting, Photographing, Payment Settlement, and so forth.
When foreigners subscribe to cellular phone, they are asked to prepare passport or foreigner registration card and subscription fee and visit cellular phone distributors. Most mobile communication service providers require deposit if you are a foreigner.
In Korea, only CDMA-type cellular phones are used; therefore, GSM-type or SIM Card-embedded cellular phones cannot be used in Korea.


The same terms and conditions apply to foreigners; however, foreigners must have bank accounts.
English Service (1544-0010)

SK Telecom

Foreigners are asked to place deposit if they want to subscribe.
English Service (080-2525-0111)


No deposit is required; however, Korean credit card and bank account are required. Pre-paid service is available.
English Service (02-2190-1180)