Busan City Hall

City Government

Victoria : South Eastern Australia


  • Location: Southeastern Australia
  • Population: 6,430,000
  • Area: 237,659km²
  • Climate: Temperate climate (Average temperature 22~24°C The highest 40°C, The lowest 13°C)
  • Department: The Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development Dept.
    • Address: 55 Collins St. Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
    • Phone: 61-3-700 51355 / Fax : 61-3-9651-5071
    • Website: http://www.vic.gov.au/

At a Glance

State of Victoria, located in the southeast coast region of Australia, is an international city. Its major industries are finance, manufacturing and energy related industries. Melbourne is the capital of the state and has hosted to Asian city exhibitions in which Busan participated in 1994. The environmental science field is well developed and as such, the state agreed to exchange technologies related to the environmental and marine products fields.

Mr. Kim Ki-jae, Mayor of Busan, and Mr. Jeff Kennett, Premier of the State of Victoria signed an agreement to establish sister city relations in the State of Victoria on October 17, 1994.