Acquiring Living Conveniences

Applying for a Telephone Connection

If you would like to have a telephone connection installed in your home, go to the business window of the nearby telephone company office. You may apply using your passport and Certificate of Alien Registration. The cost of having one installed should be around \ 60,000 and the basic fee that must be paid each months is \5,200. You must purchase the actual telephone by yourself. Contact the telephone company approximately one week before moving. You may apply at the telephone company office directly, or dial 100 and do so over the phone. If you move out of the area you live in currently then you will be given a new telephone number.

Applying for Electricity, Gas, and Water

Electricity, gas, and water services come with the house, and so there is no need to apply for these eparately. If the gauge used to measure how much of each item is used each month is shared by more than one ousehold in the building, make sure there is agreement on how everyone will calculate the amount they will need to pay each month, depending on how many people live in each household, for example, how many rooms there are, or both. Make sure this is understood before moving in so there is not room for disagreement later.


Most houses in Korea use 220 volts, matching most home appliances sold in supermarkets or shopping centers. (Electric home appliances using 110 volts require a transformer or converter. )

Electricity photo


It takes work to find inexpensive and quality items. If you would like used furniture, for example, look go to a store that handles only in furniture that is used. If you look through the classified ad publications (saenghwal jeongboji) that are distributed for free on the street, you will be surprised at the fine items you can find.