Busan City Hall

City Government

A place of innovative and international leadership for future living where the nature, people and technology come together
Primary Direction
A place built for people with both work and

life in mind

A place where people and 

nature exist in harmony

A place where 4IR technologies run

people's daily lives

5 years longer healthy life
50:50 work & life balance
20% more renewable energy
100% recycling rate
124-hour saving a year
28,000 new jobs

Key areas

New Smart Growth Planning for Technological Adaptation
  • Smart Life for future
    • Infrastructure planning to enable smart living
    • Smart streets connecting nature, people and technology
  • Smart sharing
    • Environmental benefits of the city shared by everyone
    • Blue & Green networks for 5-minute access to water and green from anywhere in the city
  • Smart place for everyone
    • Diversity
    • Culture-front
  • Urban planning for smart city
    • Five-innovation cluster
    • Operational base as a platform
Technological Base
  • Digital city platform
  • Augmented city platform
  • Robot city platform
Ten Innovations That Add Values to Urban Living
  • Life innovation with city-bots
  • Learn-Work-Play (LWP) integration
  • Intelligent administration and management
  • Smart Water
  • Zero-energy city
  • Smart education & living
  • Smart healthcare
  • Smart transportation
  • Smart safety
  • Smart parks
  • Creating an innovative industrial ecosystem
  • R&D plug-in city
Citizen engagement
  • First avenue for smart city
  • Living lab network