Busan City Hall

City Government



  • Location: Southeastern China, bordering Pearl River (珠江) to the west and Hong Kong to the south
  • Population: 13,438,800
  • Area: 1,997.47㎢
  • Climate: Subtropical oceanic climate
  • Economy
    • Port: Container cargo volume (2020) - 26,550,000 TEU - 3rd in the world, 1st in China
    • Trade Volum (2011): (Approx.) ¥2,97 trillion
      ▷ Export: (Approx.) ¥1,67 trillion Import: (Approx.) ¥1,30 trillion
  • Department: 深圳市 外事辦公室
    • Address: 中國 深圳市 福田區 福中三路 人民中心C區二層C2021室
    • Phone: 86-755-8812-5103(Fax : 86-755-8200-3540)
    • Website: http://www.sz.gov.cn

At a Glance

Shenzhen is the first city in China to be designated as Special Economic Zone(經濟特區). Prior to being awarded its special economic zone status, the city remained a small border city and entry/exit point to/from China. In 1979, the administrative status of Bao'an County(寶安縣) was elevated to Shenzhen City. In the following year (1980), the Shenzhen Economic Zone was established, which accelerated the rapid development of the engineering industry fueled by capital from overseas Chinese and foreign joint ventures, which allowed the city to transform itself into a modern industrial city.

Gwangzhou railway(廣九鐵道) connecting Guangzhou, China and Hong Kong passes through Shenzhen, the city has borders with the Kowloon Peninsula and Shenzhen River. The city governs Bao'an County, and the Shenzhen Dam situated in the city center supplies drinking water to Hong Kong.

Busan Metropolitan City (Mayor: HUR Nam-sik) and Shenzhen City (Mayor: Xu Zongheng, 許宗衡) signed a friendship city agreement on May 17, 2007.