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Busan City Hall

Friendship Cities(11 cities from 6 countries)

(As of January 2022)
Friendship Cities : City, Country, Date, Size(㎢), Population(1,000), Period(years), Character
City Country Date Size(㎢) Population(1,000) Period
Shenzhen China May.17.2007 1,952 8,912 14 The 1st specialized economic zone located in southeastern China
Tianjin China Jul.23.2007 11,760 12,720 14 One of 4 direct-controlled municipalities in China,
the largest trade hub in the northern area
Osaka Japan May.21.2008 221 2,630 13 The 2nd largest city in Japan
Chongqing China Dec.02.2010 82,400 35,000 11 One of 4 direct-controlled municipalities in China,
the development center of western China
Bangkok Thailand Jul.11.2011 1,568 5,700 10 Capital & located in central Thailand, tourism & cultural hub, TPO member city
Beijing China Aug.14.2013 16,410 20,693 8 Capital of China, center of politics, culture, international exchanges
Nagasaki Japan Mar.25.2014 4,105 1,400 7 Gateway city for international exchanges connecting the Asian continent and Japan
Bandar Abbas Iran May.30.2016 45 450 5 No.1 port in Iran, trade gateway between Iran and Central Asia and located at the entrance of the Persian Gulf.
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Aug.3.2016 4,704 322 5 Capital of Mongolia with the 10th most abundant resources in the world, gateway city in Eurasia
Panama City Panama Sep.28.2016 275 886 5 The 1st international finance hub in Latin America
Guangzhou China Nov.1.2019 7,434 14,900 2 1st tier city & largest trade city in Hwanam province.