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Film/Media/Visual Content Festivals and Events

Film/Media/Visual Content Festivals and Events
Festival/Event Outline
Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) The event was originally named the Korean Short Film Festival, but expanded into the Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) in 2010. The festival introduces short films from Korea and the rest of Asia and uncovers and supports promising and talented movie directors.
Busan Contents Market (BCM) A marketplace for Asia's best TV dramas that offers opportunities to discuss and find broadcasting & film content deals.
Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival (BlKY) Participatory and educational film festival for kids & youth.
Busan International Advertising Festival (MAD STARS) Korea's only international advertising contest-focused festival that promotes the advertising and visual culture industries.
Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Asia's largest film festival held annually every October in Busan since 1996 (competition in some categories)
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(Asia Film Forum & Business Showcase)
A business focused event where film industry professionals and experts, as well as film commissions and investors can gather together to discuss the current state of the film industry.
G-STAR Global Game Exhibition The nation's largest global gaming exhibition, featuring various game-related showcases, exhibits and side events.