Finding Housing

Gathering Information

When looking for a place to live, you should go to a real estate office or search the advertisements in housing information publications. Real estate agencies are called "budongsan junggaeso", "gongin junggaeso", and "bokdeokbang", and they serve as go-betweens for people seeking housing and people either selling or renting out places to stay. In the cities, “housing information publications” can be found being distributed for free where large numbers of passersby congregate.

Choosing a Home

First decide what kind of housing would be best for you. Then look for areas that are both inexpensive and would be an easy distance to commute to and from school or your place of work.

Floor layout
  • Check to see if the floor layout is to your liking, whether there is a bathroom attached, and whether the home you are looking at is a good place to commute from.
  • See whether it is a convenient commute to school or work, whether the area is well connected by metro, city bus, train, or inter-city bus.
  • The first floor units of high-rise apartments are often inexpensive because there is little sunlight or because they are seen as being unsafe. Since units in the middle floors and higher have good views, they are usually more expensive.
Heating system
  • Look into whether the heating system uses piped gas, LPG, or heating oil. Particularly in the case of heating oil that must be delivered by truck, see whether each unit has its own oil tank or whether it must be shared with other units in the building.