Gwangandaegyo Bridge

About Busan

City flower/tree - Camellia

City flower, tree - Camellia photo

- City flower: Designated on March 1, 1970
- City tree: Designated on July 1, 1978

The balance of dark green leaves and pink flower petals convey the spirit of the city’s warm-hearted citizens. The vibrant, fresh and deep green foliage of the tree symbolizes the youthfulness and ambition of the people of Busan.

City bird - Seagull

City bird - Seagull photo

- Designated on July 1, 1978

The white wings of the seagull represent purity and peace, reflecting the traditional mind of Koreans and its identity as a seafaring bird, making it an ideal choice for our coastal city.

City Fish - Mackerel

City Fish - Mackerel photo

- Designated on July 6, 2011

「Dynamic, Powerful, Speedy」
The pristine and strong energetic imagery of the Pacific Mackerel, with its blue upper side and silvery white belly, perfectly represents Busan as a marine capital endlessly striving to achieve its goals.

Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark img

- Designated on May 17, 2023

The symbolic mark conceptualizes the vision and values of Busan Metropolitan City with its angles and colors. This mark was influenced by the ‘B’ and ‘S’ letters in BUSAN. The magenta and blue colors naturally blend together to embody the inclusiveness and harmony of Busan citizens. The stereoscopic shape of the mark delicately links the past, present, and future of the marine city.

Mascot " Busan Vision, Busan Vitality, Busan Victory."


- Designated on June 14, 1995

Buvi depicts the sunrise and renewal. It represents a spiritual image of Busan as the rising sun and displays the positive vision and hope of its citizens to make our city an earthly paradise in the 21st century.

The City of Busan's slogan

Busan is good

- Designated on May 17, 2023

‘Busan is good’ embodies the pride and satisfaction of the citizens of Busan toward their beloved hometown. The Korean version, ‘부산이라 좋다 (Busan is good)’ calls to mind the extraordinary and unique gems of Busan that you can only find in this marine city. The adjective ‘good’ stands for the ‘global’, ‘original’, ‘open’, and ‘dynamic’ features of Busan. Along with the mark, the magenta and blue colors are used to represent the inclusive and harmonious spirit of the citizens of Busan.