Busan City Hall

City Government

Dar es Salaam


  • Mayor: Omary Said Kumbilamoto
  • Area: 1,590.5㎢
  • Population: 6,400,000 (As of 2020)
  • Location: On the Swahili Coast in East Tanzania
  • Climate: Hot and humid tropical climate throughout the year
  • Ethnicity: Bantu (majority), 125 minority groups
  • Language: Swahili, English, Bantu language
  • Religion: Protestant (majority), Islam
  • Website: http://www.dcc.go.tz/

At a Glance

Former capital and the largest city in Tanzania. In Arabic, Dar es Salaam means the “the house of peace.”

The well-known city in Tanzania is known for its strengths in multiple sectors, including art, fashion, media, film, television and finance.

Dar es Salaam hosts a number of administrative and public institutions, embassies and businesses.

In 1964, the capital city was relocated to Dodoma. However, Dar es Salaam has remained a center for the central government and politics, and plays a symbolic role as the unofficial capital city.

University of Dar es Salaam (the oldest and 2nd largest public university in Tanzania)

Natural port in the Indian Ocean, starting point of major railways and highways ▷ Tanzania’s transportation and logistics hub

The most important city in Tanzania economically
*GDP: About $10.9 billion USD (2020)

Administrative and trade center, high share of manufacturing, trade and service sectors compared to the rest of the country, where agriculture makes up the majority of local economy activity.

Dar es Salaam Port processes 90% of the cargo volumes of Tanzania ▷ Importing crude oil, raw materials, transhipment equipment, etc.