Busan City Hall

City Government


  • Mayor: Dr. Peter Tschentscher
  • Area: 755.3㎢
  • Population: 1,850,000(As of 2020)
  • GDP: €126.7 billion
  • GDP per Capita: €68,483
  • Economic Growth Rate: 2.0%
  • Unemployment Rate: 7.5%
  • www.hamburg.com

At a Glance

The 2nd largest city and home to the busiest port in Germany (16th in the world, 3rd in Europe)

Logistics hub with connections to 170 countries and 900 ports globally

About 120,000 international companies have business operations in the city (including 300 companies from China, 120 from Japan)

Major industries include shipbuilding and the maritime industry, aviation industry, wind power generation, media & press, etc.