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  • Location: Close to Kyoto and Nara, Honshu
  • Population: 2,630,000
  • Population: 2,630,000
  • Climate: Oceanic coastal climate, average annual temperature: 15.6°C, annual rainfall: 1,390mm
  • Department: 大阪市 政策企劃室
    • Address : (postal code) 530-8201 日本 大阪市 北區 中之島 1-3-20
    • Phone : 81-6-6615-3749
    • FAX : 81-6-6227-9871
  • Major Tourist Destination
    • Osaka Castle: Symbol of Osaka initiated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Reconstructed after its destruction
    • Holyu Temple: Renowned for its wall art.
    • Mimizuka (Ear Mound): Memorial burial mound for noses and ears of Korean soldiers and civilians during the Korean War, taken as a trophy during the Japanese invasions of Korea
    • Kansai International Airport: Constructed in 1994, the first offshore airport in the world with 3,500m long airstrip, connected to a 3,700m long bridge
  • Others
    • Number of Korean Residents in Osaka Prefecture: 135,000 as of 2008)
    • Osaka Prefecture: 33 cities including Osaka, 10 towns and 1 village
      (AreaㆍPopulation : 1,893㎢, 8,330,000)

At a Glance

Osaka is a historical and cultural city which has led Japan’s international exchanges from the 5th century. The unification of Japan brought prosperity to the city centered around Osaka Castle. Osaka is a central city in Kansai region which corresponds to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

  • Osaka became renowned to the world as the host city of World Expo 1970
  • Home to Universal Studios Japan and the host city of the Osaka Asian Film Festival
  • Osaka is known as “the city of water.”
  • Key Industries: IT, film, exhibitions and conventions