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Emergency Rescue Call 112, 119

  • You can use phone numbers 112, 119 without an area code even with a mobile phone. You can use the emergency call service at public phones without coins or card. Since 112 & 119 are processed by a computer system, the rescue response speed of 112 & 119 is faster than reporting to a police office.
Accidents or emergencies : Dial 112
  • As soon as an accident is reported to 112, the nearest 112 police car or police officers will come and take necessary action.
  • If you witness a crime or you are injured, dial 112 immediately.
  • When you report an accident, you must explain when, how you were injured, and also explain the appearance, belongings, special features, number of fugitives, and direction they ran to, the vehicle they used for getting away, the informant's address, name, and telephone number, etc.
Dial 119 for Fire or Rescue Request
  • Information system for urgent dispatching of firefighters and ambulances from the fire station.
  • As soon as they have a report from 119, fire fighters will be dispatched from the local fire station.
  • In case of fire, you must report the exact location, type of fire and telephone number of the informant.
  • You must report detailed information for major accidents such as the collapse of a building, explosion of gas, or emergency patient.