Busan City Hall

City Government


  • Capital City of Panama
  • Area: 275㎢
  • Location: Located in Central America, bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
  • Population: 886,000
  • Climate: Tropical Savanna climate with average temperature 30℃ (Varies between 21℃ to 35℃)
    From May to December is monsoon season
    From January to April is dry season
  • Major Industry: Finance, transportation, tourism, etc.

At a Glance

Panama City is a coastal city along the Pacific Ocean and the capital city of Panama. The city is located at the entrance of the Panama canal and borders the Gulf of Panama. The service sector is the city’s main industry, but also includes finance, transportation and tourism. Panama City is a hub of inland and air transportation. The Panama Canal has recently completed its expansion.