Busan City Hall

City Government

Valparaiso : Pacific region


  • Location: South Pacific region
  • Population: 284,000
  • Area: 402km²
  • Climate: Mediterranean (mild, distinctive dry and rainy season)
  • Department: Departamento de Turismo Address: Municipalidad de Valparaiso, Chile

At a Glance

Valparaiso is the No. 1 port city in Chile and boasts a long history. The city is also home to the National Congress of Chile building.

Valparaiso is the center of administrative affairs and home to 45 hills, which make up 95% of the city’s geography, creating a unique urban environment. With its abundant natural resources, its main items of trade are copper, fruit, gas, petroleum and grains, and the local economy is mainly related to the port industry.

International exchanges between Busan and Valparaiso are focused on trade and sister school exchanges between fisheries universities.

Mr. Ahn Sang-young, the former Mayor of Busan and Mr. Hernan Pinto Miranda, the former Mayor of Valparaiso signed a joint agreement on a sister city relationship in Valparaiso, on January 27, 1999.