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Ori General Industrial Complex / Radiology and Radiation Science Industry Complex in the Southeast Region / Centum 2 District Urban High-Tech Industrial Complex / Busan International Finance Center / Mieum·Jisa Foreign Investment Zone / Eco Delta Smart City / North Port Redevelopment Project / Myeongji International New City / Busan New Port Hinterland
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    Mieum·Jisa Foreign Investment Zone

    New growth engine industry, high-tech industry, high-tech material parts industry

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    Eco Delta Smart City

    High-tech industry, knowledge, culture, ICT industry

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    Busan New Port Hinterland

    Freight transportation (land/air/ rail), food/pharmaceutical cold chain, international logistics brokerage service, multi-modal logistics manufacturing

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    Myeongji International New City

    Medical, healthcare, advanced R&D, foreign educational institutions, knowledge industry centers, offices

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    Ori General Industrial Complex

    Food and beverage, cosmetics, metal, chemical, medical, machinery, transportation equipment

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    Radiology and Radiation Science Industry Complex in the Southeast Region

    Medical/radiation industry, R&D, etc.

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    1st phase of North Port Redevelopment Project

    Multi- functions such as waterfront and port facilities, commerce and business

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    2nd phase of North Port Redevelopment Project

    International exchange, finance, business, R&D, etc.

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    Centum 2 District Urban High-Tech Industrial Complex

    ICT industry, content industry, advanced ICT convergence knowledge-based service industry

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    Busan International Finance Center

    Fintech, blockchain, information and communication technology based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution technology

Based on excellent infrastructure, skillful talent and a bold vision, Busan is equipped with future new growth engines and is leaping toward becoming a world-class city. We are looking for you to join the bright future of Busan.

  • Centum 2 District Urban High-Tech Industrial Complex

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    • Size: 1.91mil.m² (2016~2027)
    • Phase 1: 280,000m², Phase 2: 1.21mil.m², Phase 3: 420,000m²
    • Target Industries: Creation of ICT industry, content industry such as movies and video games, and high-tech ICT convergence nowledge-based service industry valley
  • North Port Redevelopment Project

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    • Phase 1 (2008~2022, 1.53mil.m²): Creation of international gateway functions and waterfront space
    • Planned open call project for the development of the landmark site of the maritime cultural district by the private sector (113,000m²)
    • Phase 2 (2020~2030, 2.28mil.m²): Development of a new marine industry, including an international exchange, finance, business,R&D
  • Eco Delta Smart City

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    • Size: 11.77km² (Residence/commerce 2.91km², industry 2.02km², public facility 5.24km², ecological restoration etc. 1.6km²)
    • Target Industries: Waterfront eco-city where industrial and urban functions such as residential, commercial, R&D, logistics, knowledge information communication are concentrated
    • Phase 1 (2012~2023): Urban high-tech industrial complex 659,037m² / Smart City National Pilot City 2,773,000m², Phase 2 (2016~2024), Phase 3 (2019~2027)
  • Busan International Finance Center

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    • Improvements to financial infrastructure and the creation of a state-of-the-art digital financial ecosystem, including the relocation of the Korea Development Bank to Busan.
    • Completion of the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) District 1(able to accommodate foreign financial institutions in D-Space) in 2014 and District 2 in 2018, which saw public financial institutions such as the Korea Exchange, the Korea Securities Depository, the Marine Finance Center and anti-money laundering education and training institutions moved in.
    • BIFC District 3 (10,293m²), scheduled to be completed in 2025 and set to become a future global fintech cluster and the largest digital valley in South Korea’s southern region
  • Myeongji International New City

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    • Size: 6.4 million m² (District 1: 4.5 million m², 2003~2023 / District 2: 1.9 million m², 2022~ 2028); Site for foreign investment companies: 428,886m²
    • Emergence as a core area in the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone and an international business center linked to Busan Eco Delta Smart City
    • Target Industries: Available space for R&D(26,649m²/29,430m²), medical (64,331m²), education facilities(54,180m²)
  • Radiology and Radiation Science Industry Complex in the Southeast Region

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    • Size: 1.48 million m² (145,945m², 28 parcels of land for companies) completed during 2010 to 2022
    • Being developed as the best center for radiation technology (RT) in Korea
    • Creating a power-semiconductor value chain: Establishing a power-semiconductor research platform (2017~2023) and training power-semiconductor device manufacturing professionals (2020~2024)
    • Establishing a foundation for the fusion radiation industry: Construction of a baryon accelerator (2010~2026) and development and demonstration of a new research reactor for export (2010~2027)
  • Busan New Port Hinterland

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    • The world's second-largest transshipment port with Northeast Asia's high-tech facilities, infrastructure, and vast hinterland
    • Supporting the creation of added-value and employment by finding and aiding promising companies specializing in port hinterland and linking them with complex logistics manufacturing as well as land, sea, and air logistics
    • West Container Terminal (200,687m², available in 2023), South Container Terminal (1,161,000m², available after 2030)
  • Mieum·Jisa Foreign Investment Zone

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    • Size: Mieum (total of 299,584m², current available space is 162,940m²), Jisa (total of 298,070m², current available space is 19,912m²)
    • Dedicated complex for foreign-invested companies and domestic companies returning to Korea, and a center that will lead future growth through manufacturing industries, such as mechatronics, automotive parts made of new materials, and shipbuilding equipment, as well as high-tech parts and materials industries
    • It can be leased for a max of 50 years, if the invested sum, which is more than the land price, is implemented within 5 years from the date of the tenancy agreement
  • Ori General Industrial Complex

    • Size: 606,039m²(97,814m² for companies), completed during 2013 to 2019
    • Target Industries: Development into an industrial center that drives growth in eastern Busan by attracting cosmetics, F&B, medical care, metals, machinery transportation equipment industries, etc.