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Gadeokdo New Airport?

  • The southern region’s gateway airport has the potential to operate 24/7 while focusing on passengers and complex logistics.
  • Overview of Gadeokdo New Airport

  • The airport authority aims to make contributions to national balanced development and competitiveness consolidation through the fast construction of Gadeokdo New Airport under the Special Act for Gadeokdo New Airport Construction (enforced on September 17, 2021).
  • Site: 6.669 million square meters around Gadeokdo Island in Gangseo-gu, Busan
  • Construction period: 2023 – 2030 (target opening date in December 2029)
    ※ Support-facility sites, as well as essential facilities necessary to fully open the airport by December 2030
  • Total project cost: 13.4913 trillion KRW for the airport sector (fully government-backed expenditure)
    ※ Project costs for roads and railways to access the new airport are separately procured. The costs are subject to change depending on consultation results with the relevant organizations.
  • Project developer: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport → After establishing the Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Authority (NACA) in April 2024, NACA will oversee the project.
    ※ Access roads (managed by the Busan Regional Construction Management Administration) and access railways (managed by Korea National Railway) will be announced under the individual laws and regulations after consultations regarding total project costs.
  • Airport demand prospects (based on fiscal year 2065): International flight passengers: 23.26 million, international flight cargo: 335,000 tons.
  • Airport operational plan: Operations centered on international flights.
    ※ Detailed operational plans will be confirmed before the opening of the airport.
  • Progress

    • Apr. 15, 2002
      Chinese commercial aircraft crashes into Dotdaesan Mountain, Gimhae (129 dead, 37 injured)
    • Dec. 2006
      President Roh Moo-hyun orders official assessment for a new airport in the southern region
    • Mar. 30, 2011
      Announcement of cancellation of Southeast Region New Airport, President Lee Myung-bak’s presidential election pledge
    • Jun. 2016
      Gimhae New Airport decided to be Yeongnam Region New Airport, President Park Geun-hye’s presidential election pledge
      *Daegu‧Gyeongbuk regions release statement of refusal to accept the decision (July 1, 2016), joint relocation of K-2 and Daegu airports decided (Jul. 11, 2016)
    • May 2017
      President Moon Jae-in promotes construction of Southeast Region Gateway Airport as his presidential election pledge
      *Construction of 「Southeast Region Gateway Airport」 and airport multi-functional city: necessity to construct Southeast Region Airport as a gateway airport to meet rapidly increasing air transport demand and serve as an alternate airport for emergency diversions from Incheon Airport.
    • Sep. 9, 2018
      Mayors and Governors of BU-UL-GYEONG jointly agree on call for the construction of a gateway airport in Southeastern Region
    • Feb. 13, 2019
      President Moon Jae-in suggests reassessment of new airport
    • Jun. 20, 2019
      Transfer of Gimhae New Airport issue to the Prime Minister's Office agreed upon (BU-UL-GYEONG local government heads and Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
    • Dec. 2019~
      Gimhae New Airport Verification Committee under the Prime Minister’s Office launched to carry out project verification.
      *total of 21 members (1 Chairman and 20 members) ▸5 members each for safety, environment, noise and facility operation demand
    • Nov. 17, 2020
      Verification results announced ▸ Fundamental review of Gimhae New Airport construction required (the project was virtually annulled)
    • Nov. 20/26, 2020
      Ruling and opposition parties propose Special Act on Construction of Gadeokdo New Airport.
    • Feb. 26, 2021
      Special Act on Construction of Gadeokdo New Airport passes National Assembly.
    • Mar. 16, 2021
      Special Act on Construction of Gadeokdo New Airport promulgated. [Enforced Sept. 17, 2021]
    • May 2021 Service
      Contract for Pre-Feasibility Study (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
    • Sep. 17, 2021
      Enforced Special Act on the Construction of Gadeok New Airport and lower statute
    • Apr. 2022
      Completed pre-validation research for Gadeokdo New Airport construction
    • Apr. 29, 2022
      Exemption of pre-feasibility study for Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Project confirmed
    • May 2022
      Commenced propriety review for KDI’s Gadeokdo New Airport Project Plan
    • Aug. 2022
      Started master plan and strategic environmental effects evaluation
    • Oct. 2022
      The ruling and opposition parties proposed the Gadeokdo New Airport Special Law Amendment (Proposal) (related to compensation)
    • Jan. 2023
      Proposed the Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Corporation Act
    • Mar. 2023
      Announced Early Opening Roadmap of Gadeokdo New Airport (opening in December 2029)
    • Jun. 2023
      Agreement of Entrustment for Compensation Work in July 2023 (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport – Busan City – Gyeongsangnam-do)
      The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport secures compensation; the city of Busan pays compensation for land and fisheries and supports the relocation plan; Gyeongnam pays compensation for fisheries.
    • Jul. 2023
      Established a department dedicated to compensation work within the New Airport Promotion Headquarters
    • Aug. 2023
      Announced the Gadeokdo New Airport Master Plan (Draft)
    • Oct. 2023
      Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Corporation Act passed by the National Assembly
      - Confirmation of the establishment of the Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Corporation
    • Dec. 2023
      Announced the Gadeokdo New Airport Master Plan
    • Apr. 2024
      Established Gadeokdo New Airport Construction Authority


    • To remedy polarization of the capital area and complement Incheon International Airport in case of emergency
    • To contribute to the successful hosting of the 2030 Busan World Expo and local economic revitalization of Busan as an international tourist city
    • To rise as a Northeast Asian logistics hub with the completion of the Tri-port system (airport, railroad and port integration)
    • To establish a Southeast Region Mega City as one of the two major axis of balanced national development, alongside the capital area

    Special Act on the construction of Gadeokdo New Airport (Article 3)
    Basic Direction

    • Airport with passenger- and logistics-oriented complex functions
    • The speedy construction of the airport ensuring safety in regards to runway management and aircraft operation
    • National territorial balanced development to alleviate concentration in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and re-invigorate local regions
    Gadeokdo New Airport Website (Korean)
    Aug. 2023
    • Establishment of the Master Plan
    Dec. 2023
    • Notification of the Master Plan
    First half of 2024
    • Construction order placement (master and working designs)
    Dec. 2024
    • Commencement of construction
    Dec. 2029
    • Opening of the airport