Busan City Hall

City Government


  • City: City of Rijeka
  • Area: 43.45㎢
  • Population: 108,000
  • Location: Northern part of the Adriatic Sea
    * Port of Rijeka: Croatia's largest trade port situated in the Kvarner Gulf

City of Rijeka is

  • The third largest city and biggest port city in Croatia
  • The state capital of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
  • A central city for KR-HR energy cooperation (home to LNG terminal)
  • Designated as a 2020 European Capital of Culture and 2022 European City of Sports by the European Commission
  • Hosting the nearly century year old Rijeka Carnival (one of Europe’s biggest carnivals)
  • Operating the 3. Maj shipyard (one of Croatia’s fourth largest shipyards)
  • Showing a considerable interest in Korean culture (opened the King Sejong Institute in 2022)

At a Glance

Signing of the Busan - City of Rijeka Friendship City Agreement
  • Date: 11:30-12:00, April 2, 2024 (Tue)
  • Place: Haeundae, Busan
  • Signatories: Mayor of Busan ↔ Mayor of Rijeka
  • Details: Includes measures to expand mutual cooperation between the two cities in various areas, including port, smart city, digitalization, city development, culture, tourism and sports