Free Wi-Fi Service

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Free Wireless Internet Service in Busan

City of Busan Wi-Fi

  • The City of Busan offers free Wi-Fi at many local tourist attractions, cultural facilities, and areas with a high floating population.
How to Setup Wireless Internet Access on Mobile Devices
  • Settings > Wi-Fi > "Dynamic Busan" network
  • Please note the following: Since this service uses a wireless network, it may be accessed by third parties. Therefore, those using the service are advised not to expose personal information when using the network.
Wireless Internet Serviced Areas
Wireless Internet Serviced Areas
Serviced Area
Beaches Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Dadaepo Beach, Songjeong Beach, Songdo Beach, Ilgwang Beach
Tourist Attractions Taejongdae Observatory, Jagalchi Market, Yongdusan Park, Dongbaekseom Island, Children's Park, Geumjeongsanseong Fortress
Cultural Facilities Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan Cultural Center, Busan Museum of Art
Sports Facilities Gangseo Sports Park, Samnak Riverside Park, Buk-gu Cultural & Ice Center, Busan Sports Complex
Gathering Places Busan City Hall Square, Seomyeon, Busan Station Square, International Cruise Terminal, Gwangbok-ro

Pubic Wi-Fi Service in Busan

  • The Public Wi-Fi service is a wireless internet service established by agreement with the central government, Busan Metropolitan City and the three major telecommunications companies, KT, SKT, and LGU+, that allows anyone to wirelessly access the Internet at designated public locations frequented by residents, such as meeting areas, City Hall, gu/gun office buildings, bus terminals, libraries and parks
How to Setup Wireless Internet Access on Mobile Devices
  • Settings > Wi-Fi > "Public WiFi Free" network
How to Setup Wireless Internet Access on Mobile Devices
Gu/Gun Serviced Area
Jung-gu International Passenger Terminal, Public Service Center at Busan Port Authority, Nampo Blood Donation House, Busan Post Office, etc.
Seo-gu Busan Gudeok Library, Gudeok Cultural Park, Gudeok Stadium Gymnasium, Amnam Park Parking Lot, etc.
Dong-gu Joseon Tongsinsa History Museum, Dong-gu Library, Joongang Municipal Library, Korea Labor Welfare Corporation, Busan Station,etc.
Yeongdo-gu Parking Lot next to Taejongdae Ticket Booth, Yeongdo Cultural and Art Center, Yeongdo Community Health Center, National Maritime Museum, etc.
Busanjin-gu Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Korea National Red Cross (KNRC), Korea Labor Welfare Corporation (Bujeon-dong Branch), Busanjin Post Office, etc.
Dongnae-gu Dongnae Cultural Center, Dongnae Community Health Center, Korean Standards Association, Dongnae Metro Station, Suan Metro Station, etc.
Nam-gu Igidae Park, Nam-gu Office Gumin Park, Nambu Driver's License Testing center, Busan Human Resource Development Institute, etc.
Buk-gu Gupo Library, Buk-gu Digital Library, Gupo Station, Geumgok Youth Center, Busan Fishing Village Folk Museum, etc.
Haeundae-gu Haeundae Station, Busan Museum of Art Station, Busan Museum of Art, Haeundae Library, Haeundae Beach Information Center, etc.
Saha-gu Saha Library, Cheonmasan Sculpture Park, Eulsukdo Exhibition Center, Molundae Social Welfare Center, etc.
Geumjeong-gu Geumjeong Sports Park, Yeongrak Park, Busan Central Bus Terminal (Nopo-dong), Geumjeong Post Office, Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service, etc.
Gangseo-gu Korea Airports Corporation, Gimhae Int'l Airport (Domestic and International Terminals), Gangseo Library, Gangseo Post Office, etc.
Yeonje-gu Sports Complex Metro Station, Baesan Station, Yeonje Post Office, Post Office at Busan Kyungsang College, etc.
Suyeong-gu Suyeong-gu Office, Namcheon-dong Library, Mangmi Library, Suyeong Sajeok Park, Geumryeonsan Youth Center.
Sasang-gu Deokpo Sasang Library, Busan Veterans Hospital, Seobu Inter-City Bus Terminal, Sasang Post Office, Danurim Center, etc.
Gijang-gun Gijang Library, Gijang Cultural Center, Gijang Post Office, Jangan Rest Area, etc.