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City Government

St. Petersburg


  • Location: On the delta of the Neva River, about 650 km northwest of Moscow
  • Population: 5,303,000
  • Area: 1,439㎢
  • Climate: On the latitude of 59°N, it experiences a moderate marine climate due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, with the famous white nights from mid-May to mid-July. Its average annual temperature is 4.3℃ with 200 days of precipitation per year.
  • Contact Information
    • Address: St. Petersburg City Administration, Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060, Russia
    • In Charge: Committee for External Relations of Saint Petersburg
    • Telephone: +7-812-576-7670 (Fax:+7-812-576-7442)
    • Website: http://www.gov.spb.ru

At a Glance

St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), which was the capital of the Russian Empire, is now the capital of culture and arts of Russia. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the most popular tourist destination in Russia and the 8th most popular in the world.

The majestic city of St. Petersburg well-deserves its nicknames as "A Window to Europe", "A Treasure House of the World" and "The Venice of the North."

With Russia's largest international seaport, St. Petersburg serves as a transport hub connecting Russia with Europe, an important political, business and industrial center in northwest Russia as well as the nation's magnet for many industries, including electricity, metals and machinery. As the hometown of President Vladimir Putin and formal President Dmitry Medvedev, its importance as Russia's political base has also increased.