Busan City Hall

City Government

Western Cape : Table Mountain, The southernmost part of South Africa


  • Location: Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost part of South Africa
  • Population: 4,098,000
  • Area: 129,370km²
  • Climate: Mostly semi-arid; subtropical along the eastern coast, with sunny days and cool nights
  • Department: Intergovernment Relations

At a Glance

Western Cape is the southernmost state among South Africa's nine states and is a major legislative center.

Major industries include mineral production, automobile manufacturing, fabricated materials, machinery, textiles, chemicals and fertilizer. The most important industry, however, is shipping maintenance.

Mr. Ahn Sang-young, Mayor of Busan, and Mr. Gerald Morkel, Premier of Western Cape Province, signed an agreement to establish sister city relations on July 5, 2000