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Heavy Rain: Emergency Response Guidelines

Ministry of the Interior and Safety
		 Emergency Response Guidelines
		 Emergency Response Guidelines Typhoon/ Heavy Rain
		 Safey Area
		 Avoid dangerous places such as flood-prone areas and landslide hazard areas; evacuate to a safe place.
		 Close doors and windows and check weather conditions through TV, radio, and the Internet instead of going out.
		 Do not go near inundation hazard areas such as brooks, streams, and shores, where you may get swept away by the rapids.
		 Hikers in mountains and valleys must evacuate to a safe place rather than go near valleys or slopes.
		 Do not go near construction sites due to falling construction materials.
		 In rural areas, do not go out to check rice paddy levees or inlets for irrigation.

Emergency Response Guidelines

- Cold Wave


- Measures to follow when the roads were flooded!


- Heat Wave


Emergency Preparedness Information

The City of Busan has published emergency preparedness information in case of fire or earthquake for the safety of foreign residents in 13 different languages. The 13 foreign languages include English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, Tagalog, Mongolian, Burmese, Russian, Uzbek, Nepali, Lao and Thai.

Earthquake Safety Tips

Earthquake Safety Tips It's dangerous! Quickly, but calmly.

Safety e-Report

Safety e-Report Report risk factors in daily lives to the Safety e-Report

National Disaster and Safety Portal

National Disaster and Safety Portal  Disaster Alerts | Safety Guidelines | Embassy Information | Facility Information

Emergency Information Service in Mobile

Emergency Ready App

Korean Ministry of the Interior and Safety provides the English and Chinese language versions of its “Emergency Ready” App for smartphones and tablets, providing emergency information service for foreigners in Korea.

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Life in Busan Mobile App

The city of Busan provides COVID-19 related quarantine information in 6 different languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Russian through the mobile application “Life in Busan”. The app is being operating by the Busan Global City Foundation (BGCF).

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