Busan City Hall

City Government



  • Governor: Manuel Gomes da Conceição Homem
  • Area: 145㎢ (Metro: 1,876㎢)
  • Population: 2.57 million (Metro: 8,330,000)
  • Location: West Africa, near the Atlantic Ocean
  • Climate: Hot semi-arid climate (Average temperature: 24-30 °C)
  • Website: https://luanda.gov.ao/ao/

At a Glance

Port city on the Atlantic coast, the largest city and home to the 2nd busiest port in Angola.

Luanda has abundant natural resources and exports refined crude oil, processed cement, aluminum, and diamonds.

Luanda has the highest housing and market prices in the world (after Oslo, Norway)

The city imports the majority of products from overseas due to the lack of industry and technology.