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COVID-19 Vaccination Certification Information

2021-07-30 8056  Views

Those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can request their vaccination certificate online and offline. Paper vaccination certificates are available online at https://nip.kdca.go.kr or https://www.gov.kr (Korean). Also, certificates can be issued at vaccination centers, co-signed medical institutions and community health centers where a person received a COVID-19 vaccination as well as community service centers.

The certificate includes the personal information of the vaccinated person (your name and date of birth), how many COVID-19 vaccine doses you received, the date(s) you received the dose(s), and where you received it.

The government has launched a blockchain-based electronic COVID-19 vaccination certification service. The vaccination certification service, named COOV (Corona Overcome), is available as a smartphone application. People can download the application through Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store by searching for "전자 예방접종증명서" or "질병관리청 COOV."

For more detailed information about the electronic COVID-19 vaccination certification service see https://www.busan.go.kr/covid19/Vaccine05.do (Korean)

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