Types of Housing

In Korea spring is the season of graduations, advancing to higher levels of schooling, finding employment, being relocated because of work, and the moving of households that happens because of this. When there is little to move, your friends may be enough help, but usually people hire a moving company to package things and move them to their new home.

One Month Prior to Moving

  • Make sure the owner of your current home thoroughly understands your intention to move. If you do not inform the owner that you plan to move, you may have to pay rent for the month after you are gone.
  • If you are sending belongings overseas, pack ahead of time. Don't forget to have an airplane ticket ready.
  • Make reservations with a moving company that has a permit for packaging and moving.

Ten Days Prior to Moving

  • Contact the telephone company to have your telephone number moved or changed.
  • If moving to or from a high-rise apartment, reserve the use of the gondola or freight elevator with the management office of the apartment complex.
  • Furniture, home electronics, or other large items that you intend to discard should be dealt with by contacting the Community Service Center. Either the Community Service Center will come and claim these items or you should take them there yourself. Items of particular use may be sold through want-ad publications or "living information publications"
  • Go to your new home and determine ahead of time where you want to place all of your furniture.

Five Days Prior to Moving

  • Begin packing everything. Used cardboard boxes (golpanji sangja) may be obtained from a supermarket or purchased for a small price.
  • Determine payments such as electricity, water, and gas with the owner. As there is room for disagreement here, in cases where there are not separate gauges for each unit, clarify how these things will be determined at the time of signing the contract. Finish the process of changing your address for bank accounts, credit cards, and other such things.
  • Have newspaper and milk delivery stopped.

One Day Prior to Moving

  • Deal with any remaining food in your refrigerator.
  • Secure valuables that may be lost in the moving process.
  • Make sure piped gas is turned off and that other similar things have been checked.

Moving Day

  • Give the keys to the owner after you have removed your belongings and have cleaned the room of dust or garbage.
  • Pay remaining fees such as electricity, gas, and water to the owner.
  • Say goodbye to the owner and all those who have helped. It is a good idea to make sure you have the owner's telephone number in case unforeseen issues come up later.