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Gwangan Grand Bridge nicknamed “Diamond Bridge”.

2008-11-24 4220  Views

City announced on November 21 that Gwangan Bridge’s English nickname would be “Diamond Bridge”, which sounds foreigner-friendly and represents the international aspirations of the city of Busan. Gwangan Bridge is becoming an internationally renowned tourist destination as a representative landmark of Busan.


According to the results of a survey of 357 members of citizens’ groups and 67 professionals in urban technology, tourism and hotel management, about the need for an English nickname for Gwangan Bridge, 84 percent of respondents said they felt that Gwangan Bridge needed a nickname. Among the nominated nicknames for Gwangan Bridge, which included Diamond, Sunshine, Asiad, Ocean, Beach and Camellia, 43 percent of respondents chose “Diamond”. Therefore, “Diamond Bridge” was decided as the nickname for the bridge.


Busan City encourages all Busan citizens to widely use the term “Diamond Bridge”, the English nickname for Gwangan Bridge, such as on Busan tourism brochures to promote the name worldwide.


Diamond Bridge, which connects No. 49 Square, Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu and the Busan Information Complex, is 7.42 kilometers long and 18 ~ 25 meters wide (Suspension bridge 0.9 km, Truss bridge 0.7 km, General bridge section 5.7 km, Underground section 1.37km) and opened in January 6, 2003 at a cost of 789.9 billion won. The Busan Metropolitan City Facilities Management Authority has been managing the Gwangan Bridge since it was opened.


For more information, please contact the Road Planning Division at 888-3884.