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2024 Starry Night in BUSAN: Night Festa in Busan

2024-07-10 89  Views

별바다부산 나이트 페스타 
2024년 7월-10월
별바다 부산 리버 디너 크루즈
별바다 부산 용두산공원 나이트팝업 및 플리마켓
별바다 부산  나이트 미션 투어
별바다 부산  나이트 뮤직캠크닉
별바다 부산  용두산공원 나이트페스티벌
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2024 Starry Night in BUSAN: Night Festa in Busan

□ Busan Metropolitan City has officially announced that the 2024 Starry Night in BUSAN: Night Festa will take place from July 1 through October in Jung-gu, Buk-gu, and Saha-gu in cooperation with the Korea Tourism Organization and Busan Tourism Organization.

○ Beginning in 2022 as part of efforts to revitalize night tourism, the Starry Night in BUSAN: Night Festa is marking its third year in 2024.

○ Night tourism content in a globally recognized tourist destination will be expanded and enriched this year as the Starry Night in BUSAN: Night Festa was chosen as a specialized city night tour project by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in February 2023.

□ This event includes ▲Night Mission Tour in the old downtown area—Gwangbok-dong ▲Yongdusan Park Night Pop-up, a nighttime playland in Yongdusan Park for Generation MZ ▲Night Music ‘Campicnic’, brimming with music and a relaxing atmosphere under the sunset of Dadaepo Beach ▲Night Market, a themed night bazaar against the backdrop of Golden Sunset Bridge (Geumbitnoeul Bridge) and Hwamyeong Eco Park. Nine brilliant and stirring programs are ready to go—133 times in total.

○ The Night Mission Tour is not your typical guided tour. It is a new urban adventure led by witty storytellers. Attendees will complete missions in Gukje Market and Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, which are the iconic landmarks of modern and contemporary history in Busan.

○ Yongdusan Park, the historic heart of Busan, will undergo a magical transformation into a venue for the Yongdusan Park Night Pop-up, designed to immerse Generation MZ in the enchanting world of night vibes.

○ The Night Music ‘Campicnic’ will be full of more colorful content at Dadaepo Beach, and the Night Market near Golden Sunset Bridge (Geumbitnoeul Bridge) in Buk-gu will offer a wealth of things to do and eat.

○ Nine distinctive programs will unfold throughout the event period. Schedules and other guidelines are available at www.visitbusan.net or @starry_night_busan on Instagram.

Program Proposal

 River Dinner Cruise (July-October / 80 times)

 Night Mission Tour (July, October / 12 times)

 Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum Night Tour (August, October / 8 times)

 Yongdusan Park Night Pop-up (August, October / twice)

 Night Music Campicnic (August / 6 times)

 Yongdusan Park Night Flea Market (August, September / 12 times)

 Baby Shark Night Playground (September / 3 times)

 Yongdusan Park Night Festival (September / once)

 Night Market (September, October / 9 times)

□ Busan Metropolitan City is an excellent getaway for beating the heat and enjoying fall festivals. As such, the 2024 Starry Night in BUSAN: Night Festa will bring domestic and overseas travelers diverse experiences over four months. Whenever you come, you will fall in love with the city’s unique charm.