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Online Job Search Lecture Program

2023-11-23 134  Views

부산에 유학중인 외국인유학생을 위한 온라인 취업특강 프로그램
교육내용: 온라인 자기소개서, 면접특강
교육일정: 2023년 11월27일(월)/ 11월29일(수)
접수기간: ~11월26일(일) 오후11시59분까지
참가인원 각 특강 최대150명 
신청수에 따라 조기마감될 수 있습니다.  

Dates: November 27 (Mon) / November 29 (Wed) from 19:00 to 21:00, 2 days *Online Classes

Eligibility: Foreign students currently studying or who have graduated from universities in Busan

Number of Participants: Limited to 150 students (first come, first serve)

Instructors: Kim Soo Hyeon, Choi Sang Yong

Seminar Topics:

1️. Online Resume Writing Lecture – Dos and don’ts in resume writing, tips for writing an effective resume, examples, and more.

2️. Online Job Interview Lecture - Characteristics of different interview types, essential questions/answers tips and guides, differentiation strategies, and more.

3.️ 1:1 Online Mentoring Service (following each class)

Lecture Language: Korean (English questions available if necessary)

Application Period: Until November 26th (Sun), 11:59 pm


For 1:1 KakaoTalk inquiries, please visit https://open.kakao.com/o/s5L75hme

Email inquiries: use0622@bfic.kr

Read more at http://www.bfic.kr/new/english/contents/d1.asp?pmode=view&num=19067