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Busan Ranks Top in Night Tourism

2023-11-14 119  Views

광안리 드론라이트쇼

Busan Ranks Top in Night Tourism – The Largest Number of Places Selected Among Metropolitan Cities in Korea’s 100 Must-Visit Nighttime Tourist Spots in 2023

□ The City of Busan has announced that eight of the city’s locations were selected in Korea’s 100 Must-Visit Nighttime Tourist Spots, the most of any city in the nation. The night tourism hot spots were chosen by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

□ Korea’s 100 Must-Visit Nighttime Tourist Spots is a night tourism marketing project developed by the MCST to discover and publicize night tourism in Korea.

□ Korea’s first 100 Must-Visit Nighttime Tourist Spots project highlights night tourism attractions. With eight locations selected, Busan proves it is a go-to destination for nightlife.

○ Selections were made based on experts’ assessments via each local government’s recommendations from the end of September to early October.

○ The selected 100 spots will be actively used for a joint PR campaign of metropolitan regions and are slated to operate as night tourism highlights on the KTO’s website.

□ Busan’s selections offer food, amusement, and sightseeing.

○ The eight locations do not simply consist of night views. They are as follows: Gwangbok-ro Winter Light Tree Festival and Yongdusan Park Busan Tower, Gwangalli’s M Drone Light Show, the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream, Galmaet-gil Walking under the Moonlight, the Midnight Dinner Cruise, the Busan Fireworks Festival, the Seomeyon Light Festival and Jeonpo Café Street Tour, and the Haeundae Lighting Festival.

○ Although there are so many places with beautiful night views, Busan’s night tourism attractions offer diverse experiences beyond just sightseeing. They also offer visitors nearby commercial areas and the chance to experience vibrant local culture in addition to night scenery.

○ Unforgettable memories will be made with a beautiful winter light tree festival on Gwangbok-ro, a date to Busan Tower on Yongdusan Park, and then enjoying tasty food at the Bupyeong night market. There will be trekking and stories under the moonlight, lights in Seomyeon and movies, famous and delicious restaurants, and trendy places, such as a self-photo studios. A day can end with sweet dessert and savory coffee, a sunbath on the shores of Dadaepo Beach, and a beautiful sunset at a fountain made of dreams.

○ The city of Busan hopes to increase its tourism appeal and have more tourists visit the city again and again. Increased tourism will also help bolster the local economy.

□ Busan was chosen in the International Night Tourism Specialized City Shaping Project by the MCST this year. Consequently, the city will receive government subsidies for four years. In this way, Busan is taking a leap forward to become a world-class nighttime destination.

○ Through the project, Busan is intensively shaping night tourism attractions around the Suyeong River, including APEC Naru Park and Yongdusan Park. The city continues to add new and entertaining content, including a Baby Shark night playground, a social media page dedicated to enhancing night tourism, a starry night in Busan candlelight concert, a Yongdusan Park night pop-up events, and nighttime hours for the Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum.

○ See Starry Night in Busan (@starry_night_busan), the Instagram night tourism channel, for more details of programs or event updates.