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17th Busan Fireworks Festival Tickets on Sale

2022-08-02 2415  Views

제17회 부산불꽃축제

The City of Busan has announced the ticket sale dates for the 17th Busan Fireworks Festival, which is set to take place on November 5, 2022 on Gwangalli Beach. The festival is hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and organized by the Busan Culture & Tourism Organizing Committee.

6,000 paid seats will be installed at the venue along with invitation-only seats. There will be two types of paid seats (‘R’ and ‘S’) for the fireworks show. 1,000 ‘R’ seats come with a chair at a table and 5,000 ‘S’ seats only come with a chair to sit on.

The ticket sales will be available online on the YES24’s website at http://ticket.yes24.com starting on August 1st at 14:00. All branches of Busan Bank will sell ‘S’ seats tickets.

The ticket prices for an ‘R’ seat is 100,000 won, an ‘S’ seat is 70,000 won.

Proceeds from ticket sales are planned to be used for the expansion of the fireworks show and the convenience and safety of visitors attending the festival.

This year’s Busan Fireworks Festival takes place to cheer up city residents who are weary from the COVID-19 pandemic and show support for the 2030 World Expo in Busan. People can enjoy a multi-fireworks show and fireworks showcase from invited firework teams from abroad for about one hour.

For more information, please contact the Busan Culture & Tourism Organizing Committee at (051) 713-5032.

The ticketing website is offered in Korean and English and uses all major payment systems.

Website: http://www.bfo.or.kr/festival/info/03.asp?MENUDIV=3 (Korean)

http://www.bfo.or.kr/festival_Eng/info/01.asp?MENUDIV=1&Fcode=FIREWORKS (English)