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The City of Busan Announces 10 ‘YOLO with Busan Galmaetgil' Specialized Walking Tour Selections

2022-03-28 793  Views

YOLO with Busan Galmaetgil YOLO 갈맷길 10선 YOLO(You Only Live Once) + 욜로( 여기로 의 경상도 방언)= 인생에 꼭 와봐야 하는  의미 YOLO 1 갈맷길 더 비기닝 The beginning 임랑~기장군청(갈맷길1-1구간) YOLO 2 시크릿 커피 로드 Secret Coffee Road 기장군청~송정 (갈맷길 1-2구간) YOLO 3 블루라인 푸른모래갈맷길 구 송정역~미포(갈맷길2-1구간) YOLO 4 센텀 무비투나잇 영화의거리~광안리(갈맷길2-1, 2-2구간) YOLO 5 행배야 오륙도 날씨지긴다! 오륙도선착장~동생말(갈맷길2-2구간) YOLO 6 영도 흰여울 가즈아 영도대교~아미르공원(갈맷길3-3구간) YOLO 7 선셋 갈맷길 피크닉 신평~다대포해수욕장(갈맷길4-3구간) YOLO 8 낙동정맥 끝자락 순례 꽃마을~당리역(승학산구간) YOLO 9 인생삼락 갈맷길 삼락생태공원~구포역(갈맷길6-1구간) YOLO 10 금정산성 나들이 갈맷길 구포역~동문(갈맷길6-3구간) 부산광역시 걷기좋은부산추진단 

The City of Busan has announced 10 selections for ‘YOLO Galmaetgil’, specialized walking tourism courses on March 1, 2022.

YOLO* is an abbreviation of ‘You Only Live Once’ and it sounds similar with Gyeongsangdo dialect YOLO(‘욜로') meaning this way. The city named the tourism project ‘YOLO Galmaetgil’ to promote galmaetgil as a place visitors should go to take a walk when they come to Busan.

YOLO* - acronym meaning you only live once, used to express the view that one should make the most of the present moment without worrying about the future. Millennials have a reputation for this life style.

The Galmaetgil Trail is composed of nine trekking courses with 21 sections and is a total of 278.8 kilometers long. Among them, ‘YOLO Galmaetgil’ includes 10 walking courses (100km), including 7 coastline courses, 1 riverside course and 2 mountainside courses. It is designed for visitors who stay in Busan for two or three days and able to experience all the YOLO Galmaetgil courses.

Each course has a unique theme, takes less than four hours to complete and easily accessible using public transportation.

YOLO Galmaetgil consists of the following 10 courses:

▲(Course 1) Galmaetgil, The Beginning, Imrang Beach~Gijang-gun Office (12km, 3 hours),

▲(Course 2) Secret Coffee Road, Gijang-gun Office~Songjeong Beach (16km, 4 hours),

▲(Course 3) Blue Line, Blue Sand, Former Songjeong Train Station ~Mipo (5km, 1hour 30minutes),

▲(Course 4) Centum Movie Tonight, Marine City~Gwangalli (5km, 1hour 30minutes),

▲(Course 5) Oryukdo, Best Weather Ever!, Igidae~Dongsaengmal Trail (4.5km, 1hour 30minutes),

▲(Course 6) Let's Go to Yeongdo Huinnyeoul!, Yeongdodaegyo Bridge~Amir Park (16km, 4 hours),

▲(Course 7) Sunset Picnic, Sinpyeong~Dadaepo (8km, 2 hours),

▲(Course 8) Nakdong-Jeongmaek Trail, Seunghaksan Mountain~Gudeoksan Mountain (12km, 3 hours),

▲(Course 9) Samnakgil, Pleasures of Life, Samnak Eco Park~Gupo Station (10.5km, 2hours 30minutes),

▲(Course 10) Outing at Geumjeongsanseong Fortress, Gupo Station~East Gate (11km, 2hours 30minutes)

The YOLO Galmaetgil proclamation ceremony took place on the outdoor stage in front of Oryukdo Skywalk on March 19, 2022 for its successful launch and promotion. The city plans to expand the number of events and programs related to 'YOLO Galmaetgil' for visitors’ enjoyment and convenience.

For more information, please contact the Walk-friendly City Promotion Division at (051) 888-1305.

*The name ‘Galmaetgil’ combines the two Korean words: galmaet, or "seagull," the symbol of Busan, and gil, or "path." The name refers to a seagull that circulates in and around Busan, across mountains, rivers and oceans.