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Busan Tourism Viral Videos Released on Visit Busan YouTube Channel

2022-02-23 220  Views

부산광역시 Busan Metropolitan City
부산관광공사 Busan Tourism Organization  

To celebrate the third year as an international tourism city, the Busan Tourism Organization released promotional Busan-themed viral videos featuring the city’s unique charms on its Youtube channel.

Under the theme of ‘Korean Favorite, Busan’ three videos of Busan – ‘Sanbokdoro’, ‘Busan Eomuk (fishcake)’ and ‘Busan Vibe’ were released. These viral videos show Busan as unique, addictive and fun with K-hip-hop.

The videos showcase unique and dynamic views of Busan, such as local bus riding on Sanbokdoro, a sharp curvy road, Busan’s famous Eomuk street and Lotte Giants fans’ enthusiastic cheering at Sagik baseball stadium. Viewers can also enjoy rap music and dancing in the videos.

Rap music is performed by "Show Me The Money 10" rapper Mudd the Student and the dancing is performed by the Street Woman Fighter (Survival Show) dance crew HOOK in the videos.

You can also listen addictively to the repeated chorus ‘EyHeyMaHamo’ in the videos. Ey Hey Ma Hamo is Busan dialect meaning “Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.”

The City will promote three viral videos (about 1 minute and 30 seconds each) on various social media channels in conjunction with promotional online events.

Visit Busan YouTube Channel: