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VR Exhibition ONOOOFF Takes Place at Busan Museum of Art

2021-10-07 51  Views

Busan Museum of Art 부산시립미술관
2floor, Online Platform
2층, 온라인 플랫폼
권오상, 권하윤, 김민정, 김유정, 김정태, 박형진, 손현욱, 안가영, 윤석남, 이세현, 이용덕, 이우환, 이인미, 이혜인, 일상의 실천, 정유미
Gwon Osang, Kwon Hayoun, Kim Minjung, Kim Yujung, Gim Jeongtae,
Park Hyungjin, Son Hyunook, An Gayoung, Yun Suknam, Lee Seahyun,
Lee Youngdeok, Lee Ufan, Lee Inmi, Lee Hyein, Everyday Practice,
Joung Yumi 

The ONOOOF VR exhibition takes place at the Busan Museum of Art from September 15, 2021 to February 20, 2022.

ONOOOFF is an exhibition that tries to break free from the constraints of space and time of exhibitions in general.

The exhibition began with the study of ‘ontact’ communication methods through online means in our time of ‘untact’ activities. Once again, the exhibition is an attempt to validate the transcendence of art that communicates freely across the boundaries of space and time. The ‘ontact’ communication dematerializes media. It enables art to actively conquer space and time. In art, space and time become the media that construct artwork. In this way, viewers are invited to freely move between space and time through artwork.

The exhibition presents diverse content in different genres under two major themes of ‘Space that Overcame Space’ and ‘Time that Overcame Time.’ The contents will be presented both on and offline. While the online platform is not confined to space and time, viewers can also visit the offline space (in the museum). Viewers are invited to find new ways to share and communicate through art.

Visitors are required to make an online reservation in advance on the museum website ( (Korean) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when wishing to visit the offline exhibition.

The online exhibition is available on the museum’s website ( and mobile application.

For more information, please contact the Busan Museum of Art at (051)740-4243. (Korean)