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2021 Busan International Architectural Design Workshop_72h Online Workshop

2021-06-11 251  Views

2021 Busan International Architectural Design Workshop
Unfolding the Borderland: PIER1
72 Hour Live Workshop
Participation: All architecture students
Registration by: July 7, 2021
Starts on: Aug 7, 2021 KST 22:00 (GMT+9)
ENDS after 72 hours
full workshop broadcast on youtube live streaming
부산광역시 부산건축제 사단법인한국건추가협회부산건축가회 

Due to Covid-19, the world is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. All aspects of human life, including politics, the economy, and society, are being reorganised. This wave of change demands a new paradigm for architecture, and cities, as well. These changes also come with a variety of normative and substantive questions.

What role should architecture and cities play in this period of change? Should we simply adapt to change? Or should we prepare something new? What will be the role of architecture? Although contradictory, it seems that one prerequisite is needed to answer these questions. That prerequisite includes the firm fundamentals and offers flexibility in order to respond to these changes.

BIADW 2021 intends to welcome this opportunity to tackle these straightforward questions about the basics and flexibility that architecture must have. Through the theme of Pier 1, we would like to have an opportunity to rethink the role of architecture in the city of Busan.

What message can architecture give to Busan through this?

We hope that this workshop is a great opportunity to show architectural inspiration based on your passion.

Workshop Title : Pier 1 : Unfolding the Borderland

Workshop Method : 72h Online Workshop

- The BIADW 2021 is an online workshop, which starts at 22:00 on August 06, 2021 (Korean Standard Time, GMT+9) and ends at 22:00 (Korean Standard Time, GMT+9) on August 09, 2021.

- This workshop is set up to stimulate the architectural spontaneity and creativity of participating teams with a time limit of 72 hours.

- Two critical sessions will be held, within 72 hours of the workshop.

- Information on the topic for the workshop, along with details on the target area, will be sent to participating teams by e-mail at 18:00 on August 06, 2021 (GMT+9), 4 hours before the workshop starts.

- The goal of this workshop is to interpret the topic within a limited time and to present architectural alternatives to the target site.

To read full announcement visit the link below.

2021 Busan International Architectural Design Workshop_72h Online Workshop