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23rd Busan International Film Festival Released Its Official Poster

2018-09-03 1021  Views


Busan International Film Festival
4-13 October, 2018 

The official poster for the 23rd Busan International Film Festival, held on October 4 Thursday to October 13 Saturday, has been released.


The official poster is derived from Hwang Young-Sung’s original painting ‘Family Story.’ Hwang Yung-sung is the master of Korean abstract paintings who associates Western abstract paintings with a Korean countryside sentiment that he uses to develop his unique artworks. He combines various Korean-based resources such as figures and objects in nature as well as languages and signs to repeatedly and concisely depict an unconstrained and bold sentiment.


The 23rd Busan International Film Festival announces its official poster, which boldly combines the painting ‘Family Story,’ which describes the longing for a lost family during the Korean War and the hope for the reunion of a family, with the letters of the alphabet for Busan. The Busan International Film Festival, which has undergone hardship over the past years, makes a wish that it will be the place where domestic and foreign cineasts and audiences can meet once again. This year’s poster combines 4 pieces of the work into one meaningful piece that corresponds to the hopes for a reunion.


The 23rd Busan International Film Festival will open on October 4 and continue for 10 days.


HWANG Young-Sung

Hwang Young-Sung is an honorary professor at Chosun University’s College of Art and Design. He, born in 1941, earned Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Chosun University. He has revealed unique painting style as seen in Korean abstract paintings shown to the world since his solo exhibition in Angers, France in 1991. He has had exhibitions in London, Paris, Munich, New York, Shanghai, Seoul, and Gwangju. He also has joined numerous and prestigious invitation exhibitions, group exhibitions and Art Fairs in New York, Cologne, Chicago, and Basel. He, a master of Korean abstract artists, portrays the Korean sentiment through his artwork. He has earned a global reputation with his artworks that includes colorful tones, concise lines, repeated but unconstrained composition, and describing the longing for a family.


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