Calendar of Events

2022 Haeundae Sand Festival

2022-05-20 (Fri) ~ 2022-05-23 (Mon)

The 2022 Haeundae Sand Festival, the only eco-friendly exhibition based on sand in Korea, will be held at Haeundae Beach and Haeundae Square (Gunam-ro) from May 20 to May 23, 2022 under the theme of World Travel with Sand. Various programs will be operated, including sand works containing world landmarks and flower farmhouse flower exhibitions, and sand works and flower exhibitions will run until June 6.

○ Period: May 20 - May 23, 2022

The sand sculptures and flower carpet will be displayed until June 6, 2022

○ Venue: Haeundae Beach, around Haeundae Square

○ Hosted by: Haeundae-gu Office

○ For more info: 051)749-4062

○ Website: 

2022 해운대모래축제
모래로 만나는 세계여행
해운대해수욕장/해운대 광장 일원
모래조각전, 화훼농가돕기 꽃 전시회 - 2022.6.6.(일)까지 
주최 해운대 주관 해운대, (사)해운대문화관광협의회